A Fresh Take on 5G with a National telecom. company

Leading the charge in podcasting, iHeart continues to create pivotal 5G connectivity conversations.

The Goal

In late 2020, a national telecommunications company partnered with iHeart to create a podcast around 5G connectivity and reinforces their brand as the leader in 5G technology by highlighting their first-to-market, nationwide, network.

Together we launched The Restless Ones, an original podcast hosted by legendary Tech Stuff host Jonathan Strickland. On a mission to uncover the tactical applications of 5G connectivity, Strickland connects with the world’s most unconventional thinkers, the leaders at the intersection of technology and business, to understand how they continue to thrive in a world of complex organizations and lightning-fast technology.

In 2021, we sought to further drive awareness and solidify the client as the leading 5G solution for their target audience of Chief Technology Officers, and business decision-makers by developing the second season of our original podcast, The Restless Ones, which not only achieved mass listenership but shown proven resonance with key business decision-makers.

The iHeart Answer

Ruby would leverage iHeartMedia’s massive reach, unrivaled talent relationships, and powerful podcast network to reach our client’s target audience and tell a compelling story around specific 5G business applications.

Season 2 of a First-To-Market Custom Podcast continued to put the fortune 500, telecommunications company for Business at the center of 5G conversations, sparking excitement and awareness for 5G, with The Restless Ones series that takes a B2B content approach.

• In S2, 19 Thought Leaders and C-suite executives from companies like MLB, Toyota, Kroger, Redfin, Samsung, Slack, and more joined the conversation across 18 custom episodes and shared their vision for the future with the rollout of 5G.

Continued Season 2 with a host who is known as a technology expert -
Jonathan Strickland, host of the highly respected and ranked technology podcast TechStuff.

The Results


Reported our client as the leader in 5g technology.


Purchase Intent

More likely to purchase 5G service in the near future.


Brand Opinion with 32% of listeners stating the fact they liked the podcast as the reason

The second season of The Restless Ones has helped further cement our client further as an expert in the 5G space. New episodes continued to drive success across key brand metrics, with 82% of surveyed listeners viewing the brand as the leader in 5G technology––a primary KPI for the program.

Additionally, 79% of surveyed listeners expressed positive brand favorability, with 32% citing the podcast as their reasoning. Building on the boost in favorability, The Restless Ones saw a 22% lift in purchase intent.

By shining a light on how some of the most innovative executives of our time enable change, both inside and outside their companies, The Restless Ones continued to build valuable trust with our target demographic—prepping them for the future of 5G connectivity.

The results