The Only Way is Through

In this new series from Under Armour and iHeartRadio, listeners are dropped inside the lives of the elite athletes that constantly push themselves to be greater than yesterday. In each episode of The Only Way Is Through, the world’s most accomplished and compelling athletes and coaches share their approach to training, competition and recovery in intimate conversations with renowned journalist Cal Fussman, offering listeners exclusive content that aims to educate, entertain and — most importantly — motivate.

The Challenge

Help re-position Under Armour as a "human performance" company through long-form storytelling, featuring new U.A. affiliated athletes in novel ways, and build overall brand sentiment through a previously unexplored medium for the brand.

The Idea

Featuring elite athletes at the summit of determination, The Only Way is Through podcast dropped listeners into the lives of each athlete. We joined them in the training room as they pushed themselves to their limits and beyond. Legendary journalist Cal Fussman hosted this all-encompassing audio adventure that explores mind-over-matter in ways that educate, entertain, and motivate.

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Impressions Delivered across the iHeartPodcast Network


Of listeners completed 75% or more of the episodes


Increase in favorability for the Under Armour brand

The Results

The Only Way is Through has garnered hundreds of thousands of downloads since its launch in early 2020 demonstrating the content struck a chord with our target audience of teens and young adults who frequently exercise. And amongst that group, we marked a 13% increase in favorability for the Under Armour brand.

But even more importantly, engagement rates were high with 59% of listeners completing 75% or more of the episodes meaning the audience spent more time with Under Armour’s new brand messaging than average.

With over 100 reviews and a 4.8-star rating on Apple Podcasts, The Only Way is Through fully realized Under Armour’s dream of revitalizing the way sports content approached storytelling and cemented them as a human performance company.

The results